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Scrabble Cards

Family Scrabble

A range of 8 cards with loving messages, made using scrabble letters, especially for family members. The cards are made from Forest Stewardship Council (“FSC”) certified card. The cards are blank on the inside, barcoded, sized 15 x 15 cm, come with a white envelope and are packed in a film bag.

Mum Scrabble Card

Magical Mum FS01

Dad Scrabble Card

Dazzling Dad FS02

Grandad Scrabble Card

Greatest Grandad FS03

Grandma Scrabble Card

Glorious Grandma FS04

Daughter Scrabble Card

Darling Daughter FS05

Son Scrabble Card

Super Son FS06

Aunty Scrabble Card

Amazing Aunty FS07

Uncle Scrabble Card

Ultimate Uncle FS08