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Jigsaw Message Cards

Jigsaw Message Cards

jigsaw message picture

Each card is made from jigsaw board and both the front and the back of the card incorporate numerous rectangular jigsaw pieces, each with an individual letter printed on it. This provides a full alphabet with numerous duplicate and triplicate letters. You simply buy the card, re-arrange the jigsaw letters into a personalised message and then send the card to your chosen one. The cards are blank on the inside, barcoded, sized 16 x 18.5 cm, come with a white envelope and are packed in a film bag. The design is protected by various pending Patents and Registered Designs.

bird girl

Bird Girl MC263

Flying rabbit

Airplane MC270


Artist MC249

Jungle Animals

Jungle Animals MC300

Little Bear

Little Bear MC256


Blue MC355


Pink MC362


Yellow MC379


Yoga MC294

Indian Brave

Indian Brave MC195