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Jigsaw Cards

Jigsaw Cards

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Each card incorporates a jigsaw puzzle into the front cover allowing the completed jigsaw to be free standing and viewable like any other standard greeting card. You simply buy the card, deconstruct the jigsaw puzzle on the front of the card to reveal a big question mark, then put the card and the jigsaw pieces into the envelope and then post to your chosen one. They then have the fun of putting the jigsaw back together again and the anticipation of what the greetings message will be. The cards are blank on the inside, barcoded, sized 16 x 16 cm, come with a white envelope and are packed in a film bag. The design is protected by various pending Patents and Registered Designs.

I Love You

I Love You JC317

Be My Valentine

Best Friends JC324

Best Friends Forever

Valentine JC331

A Friend Gives Hope

Friend JC348