The Kuckoo Company

Christmas Crackers

Retail Kuckoo Crackers

We currently have a range of cracker games that cater for any number of desired party moods. Whether it's loud, quiet, creative, skilful, mindless, or challenging, each set has been produced to create as much fun, amusement and pleasure as possible, and across all age groups.

We will have you playing in a musical pop band, competing in a spelling bee, creating balloon twisting mayhem, lying through your teeth, in a football tournament, under quick fire scrutiny, tying yourselves in knots (literally), and many more.

Our retail crackers come in boxes of six, eight or twelve.

Father Christmas

Catering Kuckoo Crackers

Our Catering Crackers come in boxes of 50 and once again, each contains a game that can be played by any number and combination of players, from two upwards. They have been specifically designed for use in restaurants, pubs, eateries, or at events, where crackers will be randomly placed at tables of two, four, six, eight, and upwards. Each cracker in this range therefore contains all that is necessary for the game to be played at any particular table by any number of players.

Catering Christmas Crackers