The Kuckoo Company


Kuckoo Company Information

We established the the Kuckoo Company after many fruitless years trying to find, good, fun and interesting Christmas crackers. Year after year we sought crackers where the jokes weren’t predictable, where the novelties weren’t cheap and meaningless, and where the fun obtained from the crackers would at least be on a level with the prices we were being charged. After yet another disappointing set of crackers were pulled, we decided enough was enough and to see if we could collectively come up with a new range of crackers that would help bring some fun back into Christmas. With that the Kuckoo Company was born and we know have an exciting range of party crackers under our Kuckoo Krackers brand.

In 2011 we made the decision to enter the Greeting Card market with our unique Jigsaw Message Cards and Jigsaw Cards. We are currently increasing the number of designs in both ranges and we are also working on some new Greeting Card products that we hope to release over the coming year.