The Kuckoo Company


At the Kuckoo Company we design and manufacture innovative Greeting Cards and Christmas Crackers. Our primary focus is the creation of new and exciting products that provide fun and entertainment, that bring people together and that create long lasting and happy memories. We are always creating new products, so keep coming back as we are sure to have new things that your customers will like.

Christmas Crackers

We have numerous Christmas Crackers under our Kuckoo Cracker brand. Kuckoo Crackers represent an evolution in the market through the inclusion of a diverse range of novel and interactive games within each different cracker set. No longer just a cheap novelty, a corny joke and a party hat, with Kuckoo Crackers, you get an entertainment package that will amuse everybody, from children to grandparents.

We have experience, and success, in supplying both small retailers and large multiples and have supplied crackers to pop stars such as the Black Eyed Peas, The Wanted, Alexandra Burke, Duffy and McFly. We have also been recommended in a number of magazines, most recently, Good Housekeeping.

Whether it's crackers for retailers or crackers for restaurants, we have got crackers that will suit your requirements.

Greeting Cards

Our greeting cards are as novel and unique as our crackers. We are the proud creators of the Jigsaw Message Greeting Card which allows the sender to customise their greeting message through the use of jigsaw pieces, also the Jigsaw Greeting Card, the only freestanding jigsaw card on the market.

We are also proud to represent some of the finest designer talent with our designer card range.